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I'm pleased to announce you the v0.0.7.1 of Burp-UI.


Burp-UI is a web-based interface aimed to monitor your backups, perform "online" restorations and administrate your burp-server.

The project has been announced on this burp project mailing-list in June 2014.

Here is the project homepage: https://git.ziirish.me/ziirish/burp-ui The project documentation is hosted here .

You may find the complete changelog here .

The most notable changes are:

  • burp-2 support (as of today, the supported burp versions are 1.3.48 to 1.4.x and 2.0.18 and above)
  • ability to edit your burp-server configuration file + the clientconfdir files directly with Burp-UI
  • support of encrypted backups
  • better LDAP and AD support
  • documentation

Please note the configuration file edition feature is still in heavy development and may suffer some (security) issues.

You should also make some backups of your files before using this feature

There is a python pip package available, the installation procedure is described in the documentation .

Note: the pip package is the while the developing branch is the 0.0.7. This is due to a new policy on the pypi website that encourages releasing new versions of the packages where we could previously fix them inline.

Due to this change on pypi, the next version of Burp-UI will be the 0.1.x Some new features are already planed for this version but the list is not closed yet.

Please feel free to report any issue on the project issue tracker or on burp-users mailing list.


This version of Burp-UI is the biggest so far with more than 250 commits .

Here are some highlights of the new features brought to you with this release.

Improved tables

The tables are now sortable and searchable for more convenience:

Sort table

Sort table (direct link)

Search table

Search table (direct link)

Support configuration file inclusions

Burp is able to manage configuration file inclusions (source) making the configuration more modular. Burp-UI supports this feature while editing the Burp configuration files using the settings panel:

Include configuration files

Include configuration files (direct link)

Clientconfdir support

You can now add new clients to your burp server using the settings panel, and you can also edit the client settings or remove clients using the same panel:

Add clients

Add clients (direct link)

List/edit clients

List/edit clients (direct link)

Remove clients

Remove clients (direct link)

Encrypted backups

Burp allows you to encrypt backups client-side (if you don't trust the backup server for instance). The Burp-UI online restoration feature now supports encrypted backups:

Encrypted backup indicator

Encrypted backup indicator (direct link)

Encrypted backup password required

Encrypted backup password required (direct link)

Encrypted backup password provided

Encrypted backup password provided (direct link)


For the next version of Burp-UI, I will try to focus on the UI. You can find the full roadmap here .


I would like to thank the contributors for their bug reports and/or code contributions. Special thanks to Graham for his work on Burp, the whole Burp-UI project would not exist without him. He also worked hard on the burp-2 status protocol making the implementation of the burp-2 backend possible.


History of the development