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Hi there,

Last week I silently released the version 0.0.6 of Burp-UI. Let me introduce you the main changes and the roadmap to v0.0.7.


But first, a little reminder. Burp-UI is a project wrote in Python for the backend and in jQuery/Bootstrap/AngularJS for the frontend part. For those who speak/read French, I wrote a little introduction here a few times ago.

Burp-UI is meant to provide a nice yet powerful web interface to the awesome Burp Backup tool.

The project is hosted on my own Gitlab where you'll find the bug tracker . There is also a dedicated website that currently only hosts a Discourse instance.


One of the big feature added to the v0.0.6 is the ability to manage your Burp configuration file within Burp-UI.

Burp Settings

Burp Settings (direct link)

Another nice feature is the support for Gunicorn in order to manage multiple actions/users simultaneously.

And Finally, there have been a lot of bugfixes thanks to many contributions. You'll find a more detailed changelog here .


For the next version, the Settings panel needs some improvements and should extend the support of the clientconfdir option. For instance by reading the files within this directory. I should also start working on supporting burp-2, the future new version of burp that will bring a lot of nice features.

I don't bite so feel free to contribute in any way you want ;)