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I know, it's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with a lot of stuff (personal and professional). But I geeked a lot and I wish to share all of it with you!

Yes, first of all, I'll try to write my future posts in English. The main reason is I need to practice it 'cause I'm a little rusted.

So today I wanted to show you my new toy. It's been a few months I have it... but I found back my Legos last week-end! And here it is, a nice (or not) case made in Lego (that's original isn't it?).


rasp1.jpg (direct link)


rasp2.jpg (direct link)


rasp3.jpg (direct link)


rasp4.jpg (direct link)

Well done, you guessed I was talking about my Raspberry Pi! I mainly use it as a HTPC with Xbian (which is quite awesome BTW), but I plan to develop a little game on it called Pithon .

I hope you'll enjoy it!

I'll keep you in touch with this project ;)