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All right, tonight I'm gonna try something else. I'll talk about myself, or actually who I'd like to be and what I'd like to do. Also tonight, I'm going to write this post in English. There are several reasons for that.

  1. I need to practice my English if I don't wanna lost it
  2. In a few days, I'll be in holidays in Scotland
  3. Tonight, I'll talk about those who taught me to speak English

Four years ago, I didn't know a single word in English, I was a freakin' teenager that hated school even if I was in a preparatory course. Until someday, I bet with my father I'd go to Canada during the summer. It was just a "joke". But my father wasn't kidding, he just answered me (in french) "All right, You know I know people out there? I'm gonna give some calls." One week later, I had a job in a tobacco farm and we booked my fly. What I didn't know is that Canada is a very big country and they just speak French in Quebec. I then had no choice but learning English to "survive" alone at 6,000km from where I used to live.

I have never been stressed (and I hope I'll never be), so I did that crazy trip. And that was just the best thing in my life, I mean... the really best thing in my life. I met some far far cousin of mine and then we had a few trip together.

In September, I started my DUT in IT and in the end it made me the way I am today.

You'll find here the blog I did about my Canadian trip. Here is the blog of one of my Canadian cousin who gave me his passion for the ride. And here is the blog of my other Canadian cousin who gave me the envy of traveling around the world.